Tapan Kar

Born in 1954 in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, Tapan Kar spent his early childhood in the greenery of rural Bengal. The agricultural flavor of that village in Howrah district has left a very influencing image of nature and life in his thoughts. After his school days Tapan went straight to the Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Kolkata for admission. But he had no brush of his own, the right pencil and eraser either to compete with the affluent boys in the admission test. But he went through. He succeeded.

The strongest point of Tapan Kar, as a painter, lies in his powerful drawing. He was and remained conceptually very clear all along about what he wants to communicate and what he does. This helped him to consolidate his conviction and standpoint with the passage of time to where he is now.

He had the privilege to extensively visit many villages in West Bengal as a field investigator of the University of Calcutta. He deeply observed places and people that strongly developed his interest in folk culture and art.    He painted Life and Nature of Bengal, especially the life of women of the middle and lower strata of the society. But the language of Tapan’s work is very much understood by the art lovers of all levels. His paintings are being exhibited in the websites of many companies from UK, France, Germany, Spain, India, USA and other countries. Tapan’s works are collected by art lovers all over India and abroad. He has participated in a group exhibition in Hamburg, Germany in June 2007.